KC thoughts.

A couple things hit me in the face this weekend:

1- Sometimes I get so caught up in serving strangers and loving on them - that I forget that loving my family and serving my family well is just as important.

And then we painted my brother and his wife's home this last Saturday - and they don't know this, but I was so blessed by that.

I have this really super extremely weird attachment to houses. What happens inside a home over the years is so dang precious to me. So - making a home beautiful on the outside, knowing the life change, growing pains, and sweet moments that are taking place on the inside?

Yes. And yes all day long. And pass the Kleenex.

I can type that out today because I haven't had to paint for 6 days. Doesn't painting always sound so great, and then it isn't? I fall for it every time.

2 - There is never a weekend long enough to spend time with people that you aren't able to do day to day life with.

I've had to come up with things to help me with this. Here's my list so far:

Having your nieces and nephews make art so you can hang it in your home!
Buying the same coffee mug as your sister - so when you drink it, it's kind of like you're sitting together.
Leave something behind. Preferably not underwear.

3 - There are never too many trips to starbucks. Even when you are covered in paint, haven't showered, and there's not a hint of mascara anywhere.

And I mean anywhere.


Chad said...

This is my favorite thing. Thank you tons! Such a great weekend. :)

Megan said...

You serve others so well! I love you!!