Gratitude Lately.

 For succulents that don't die even when I forget about them.
 For houses that turn into homes.
 For this guy who always greets me when I pull into the drive.
 For husband's warm coat on chilly spring days and dogs that won't sit still long enough for pictures.
 For four wheeler rides and tricks.
 For chocolate chip banana bread that makes fights seem little.
 For friends, birthdays, parties, and...more parties.
 For longer days.
 For homemade bread that makes the house smell like the best goodness.
 For old trucks that act as dog beds.
For this guy, who works hard and always provides.

What are you grateful for?

I always seem to focus on bigger things and tend to forget the small moments. And that's stupid because the small moments are just as good.

Have a great weekend!


Erin said...

Such a beautiful post! Really lovely pictures. Just found your blog and now following via GFC :) Excited to read more!



Megan said...

I feel like you're cheating on me when you post pictures that I haven't already seen. Is that weird?

Ellen Poortinga said...

Hi! Thanks for your message on my blog-- i tried to respond... but it won't let me bc I don't know your email!! If you perhaps send me an email, I'd love to ask you some questions!! ellen.gallinger@gmail.com