weekend in photos

Busy weekend again! Which means no laundry got done. For real. Copper rode his first ride in the back of the truck, we helped our church do some city clean up, had a magical oreo date in the kitchen and Mr. B and I both had bachelor/bachelorette parties. The girls highlight was at the mexican restaurant where we had the waiter play us songs on his guitar and the boys' party consisted of racing a golf cart and a 1960's lawnmower.

It's amazing how different we are. And that all the gals married rednecks.

Speaking of marriage. Last night I earned a gold medal for being a mean and selfish wife. And I couldn't sleep afterwards. You know why? My husband apologized for what happened and I was too busy still being angry.  I did that to myself.

Yet after everything, my husband still loves me. Still kissed me goodnight. Still snuggled close when he could feel me tossing and turning because my mind wouldn't shut off.

He's all about grace.

Me? I need some work.

So, that's a random Monday post for y'all. Random and real. Nitty and gritty.

Also? I forgot to put on deodorant this morning.


Megan said...

The fact that you can even say that you were in the wrong shows a lot about you. Hang in there... no one ever said marriage is easy, but it's worth it.


Adrienne said...

Hmm.. I've so been there! Marriage is definitely not easy, but the work is so, so worth it, wouldn't you agree?!

Looks like a happy weekend :)

Kiri said...

Totally feel ya on the mean and selfish wife thing! lol I was awful last week. But that's the great thing, when your husband loves you in spite of your shortcomings and is always quick to forgive. :)

Ashley said...

everyone has fights chica!! i'm sure all is better now ;) and no laundry is ok - sounds like you had a busy/fun weekend! :)