the shirt.

One time, long ago in a time before engagements and marriage, Mr. B let me pick out some clothes for him. They mostly consisted of shirts that said "American Eagle forever!" and "Aeropostale unite!"

Then came the day when he said Kallie, I just want to wear button ups. No more American Eagle or stores like that. I want to buy all my clothes from Thesiens.

From then on every shirt we bought had buttons on it and was plaid. Which is great because he looks so dang good in them, but everyone needs variety! At least thats what I told him. Then I tried to teach Copper to talk so he could tell him and HEAVENS TO BRENDA that dog jumped on my white shirt after rolling around in the mud.

Good thing he's cute.

Back to the story. Everytime we'd go into Target I'd try and buy him a plain crew neck colored tshirt. And he'd say no. And I'd try again. And he'd say no. And I'd say whyyyyyyy?! And then he'd distract me with hey isn't there a Starbucks in here somewhere? And I'd happily skip away to satisfy my never ending craving for a skinny iced caramel machiatto. Thanks for that, Sister.

Well this last time we went, he let me buy him a navy blue tshirt with little white specks woven through it! Almost like I spilled bleach on it. Which I probably will someday.

And I'm in love.

The next challenge? Sweaters! Stay tuned.

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Megan said...

Shane in a sweater is the day I will see Tyler in TOMS. Funny to think about!