i'm wide awake!

That's a lie. I'm actually really tired. It stormed last night and Copper howled like he wasn't going to make it until tomorrow, plus I thought someone was breaking into my house 1200 times. Darn Criminal Minds show, why do you have such scary stories? Needless to say, I'm still sleeping as I write this. I call it sleepwriting.

I wish I had a Starbucks in town.

I just googled where the nearest one is to me and I FOUND ONE 17.5 MILES AWAY.

Sorry, I just got really excited. And my morning commute just got longer.

Oh, you wanted to see pictures of our adorable pup? Of course!

Seriously, who sleeps like that?

Seriously, Kallie. Who takes pictures so many pictures of their dog?




.sarah.marie. said...

1) shut the front door, there is a starbucks that close to you??? where?!?!?!
2) where do you work?
3) i take just as many pictures of my pooches

Anne said...


I'm so glad you stopped by Hell on Heels today!

Sleepwriting. Pretty much what I do every morning when I whip out my posts around 6:30 am. So gurl, I can totally relate.