25 Monday!

Since Monday is the best day of the week (...what?) here's 25 things about Mr. B and myself!

1. He is in charge of charging their cell phones at night.
2. We're amazingly good at giving each other foot rubs at the same time.
3. He will always have a more organized closet than her.
4. She makes the bed every morning.
5. He likes every meal to have a meat, potatoe and vegetable.
6. She could live on cereal.
7. We both love country music.
8. He likes everything to be bleached.
9. She likes the shower curtain to be closed at all times.
10. We already have our future little boy's name picked out.
11. He loves working outside, and getting cookies in the middle of the day.
12. We are each others biggest fan.
13. We are learning more about grace every single day.
14. We love being married!
15. He likes the smell of coffee, but hates the taste of it.
16. She likes painting her own nails rather than getting them done at the salon.
17. She loves to journal.
18. He watches the news every night at 10.
19. We both regret getting cable.
20. He never opens her mail.
21. She always opens his.
22. His food always tastes better than hers.
23. He likes to hug me when we're having an arguement.
24. We both love Jesus!
25. He likes to change his name in my phone as Tom.

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Megan said...


Tell shane I'm sorry for never having potatoes or vegetables when he comes for dinner at my house. ;)