little latelys.

This morning I woke up bound and determined to exercise before heading to work. So I popped in a Jillian dvd. How long did I last before I shut it off? ...who even asks that question?

We're going to Columbia this weekend to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family. Can't say its the easiest pill to swallow that this is going to be the first Christmas not with my family. I'm probably going to cry. Not right now though because I'm at work and that would be awkward.

I buy really cheap nail polish and then get mad when it comes off 5 hours after I put it on while doing the dishes. So either I need to start buying OPI or stop doing the dishes. Hmm, tough one.

Mr. B and I have been doing devotions together before we go to bed, not all the time, but as much as we can. I love that time together. But sometimes I doze off while he's reading.

My sweet best friend Andrea just got her wisdom teeth out yesterday and sent me a picture. I shouldn't have opened it while I was on the phone at work because I accidentally giggled and the lady on the other end of the phone thought I was laughing at her and immediately got ticked. "Do you think this is funny Kayli?"

...well that's not my name. So yes.

Thank the Lord that it's Thursday!


Melinda said...


I'm in love with these nails.

And I miss you.

Chad said...

I guess shane's not the only one to fall asleep during bible reading. :)