working wife.

Since the weather had been so amazing lately, Mr. B wanted to get some work outside done around our house.

I can always tell when he's about home from work because I can hear Gretchen -his little 'ol lady truck- from about a mile away. Sometimes I run outside to greet him and sometimes I wait in the kitchen peeking out the window until he comes inside. Then I kiss him a bunch.

"Yay you're home!"

"Yep, let's go work outside."

"...now?"  He's already started changing his clothes.  "But...uh..I don't know where my work jeans are! Dang."

"I'll meet you outside! Love you!"


Then the door closes and he's already out in the shed. Dangit.

So because I'm the good wife I go outside and help him. Right after I took this picture of course.

And this one. I only take pictures of him working because he's so dang cute when he works. I'm not cute when I work.

I think I'm going to use that as an excuse next time. "But I don't look cute when I work, and I need to stay cute because then you'll love me forever!"

Sounds good to me!

I do like burning the little sticks though. I like it even better when he tells me I can go sit by the fire and he'll finish up the load.

Score. I love my husband.

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