new job

I started a new job! Okay, I'm not sure why I put an exclamation point there..it's not really that exciting. But it's not horrible either. Well, today I've been sitting on my rear for..eh, 7 hours. I'm pretty sure my butt is flat now because of it. Great, now Mr. B won't love me anymore. And, I had lunch at 11:00 because..well..I don't know. But I was so hungry by 3:00 that I went to the vending machine. Partly because I just wanted to waste time, and mostly because I was hungry. Animal crackers sounded good so I put in my money and pushed the button and sure enough the stupid bag got caught in the ring. So, moral of the story is don't try and get things from the vending machine that are in bags. Just don't do it. You'll spend an extra 5 minutes trying to get it out somehow. And all your new co workers will stare at you. But they won't talk to you...its so weird. And quiet, really super quiet. I miss the Twaddle team. Dangit.


Kiri said...

Aww I'm sorry :( That's the worst when it's super quiet! I'm sure you will make friends...you seem like such a fun person. (ok, do I sound like a mom? lol) I hope it gets better...more exciting?

Becca said...

Sooo....what IS your new job..?? :)

Megan said...

This makes me frown. I want you to love your job. :(