the proposal.

It was the weekend of June 17th. The day before I left Columbia to go to Iowa Mr. B told me his college friends were camping at the lake that weekend and wondered if I wanted to go meet them on Friday night.

Of course said yes.

On Friday night my friend Paige had her wedding rehearsal dinner. Since I was a personal attendant at her wedding I invited Shane to come to the dinner, figuring we'd just go to the campsite when it was over. Well, at dusk I pulled on Mr. B's arm and asked him if we were going to head out soon.

"Well, I guess they've all been drinking since 4:00 and are pretty trashed, I don't think it'd be that fun."

I didn't think much of it and we left the campgrounds to go mingle with friends at Scooters.

Then next day was a blur of good things. I got to enjoy some serious girl time and see Mr. B in his button down.

I love those pearl snap button shirts.

After the wedding Mr. B asked if maybe we could go out to the lake the next morning to meet his friends before I left to go home. He suggested that I just drive to the grounds and go home from there since it was Fathers Day AND my little brothers birthday.

I was sold on the and told him we'd have to get up early so I could leave.

Well, long story short we woke up really late on Sunday and when I saw the clock said 10:00, I knew I needed to shower and go home. Clean and ready to go, I notice Mr. B starts getting flustered.

"What are you doing? We're going to meet my friends this morning" he said, stepping in front of me.

"Um, its Father's Day and Jason's birthday, I have to leave right now if I want to play golf with them at 2. Sorry" I said, pushing him aside.

"Kallie, come on. It'll only take like 30 minutes and you're going to be so mad that you are going to have to meet them at our wedding someday," he said, getting more upset.

"Look at me!" I yelled. I had just showered, hair was sopping wet and no make up on. Classy.

"You look beautiful Kallie. This is how I like you best."

Oh, puuuullllllease homeboy.


Then he lost it.

"Kallie, you can be the most frustrating person in the world!" His hands were going all over the place, up and down, side to side. You can always tell when he's really serious about something when his hands start speaking for him.

By this time I was sitting in my car, listening to him rant and rave. I was so angry that he was upset with me for wanting to leave, so I started backing out of the driveway as he slammed my car door.

"Just. Let me get you something for your trip," he hollered, running off into the house.

I was getting ready to pull out of the driveway when I saw him come down the front door steps.

There wasn't any water in his hand, no food. I didn't see anything. I was livid as I rolled down my window.

"WHAT do you have for me? I don't have time!"

He didn't say a word. His face was calm and smooth as he opened my car door and got down on his knee, rocks crackling together as his knee hit the ground.

At that moment, my heart started beating faster than I ever thought it could and I immediately started realizing that the reason he wanted me to go to the lake with him was to ask me to be his wife.

I cried. And let out a little girl scream.

Mr. B asked me to marry him in the driveway and I couldn't be happier about it.


Kiri said...

SO cute! I'm sooo excited for you! Beautiful ring too! Make sure you share all of your wedding planning ;) I can't wait to see your ideas.

thatangiegirl said...

That's awesome. Sounds a whole lot like my proposal. Lol. I basically ruined it all cuz I was so impatient. Lol. But its our own perfect story...just like yours!! Yay! Congrats!!!

.sarah.marie. said...

AHHHHH Kallie this was so cute. pretty sure i def teared up :) CONGRATS

Trisha Marie said...

hahahah SUCH a typical girl moment! I love it. SO HAPPY FOR YOU! thanks for FINALLY posting. geeez