Growing up, Easter meant getting a new floral dress, putting on white gloves and finding my hidden basket full of candy in the dryer.

It always took me an hour to find it. I'd run around the house like a chicken with its head cut off because I was scared that I wouldn't find it before church and then I couldn't stuff my face with all the sugar and drive my Sunday school teachers batty!

I was such a good kid.

Seeing my nieces and nephew in their Easter outfits made me want to run to my closet and find my pastel flower coated dress so I could jump into the pictures I took of them last weekend.

But then I would be half naked.

And we wouldn't match, because somewhere along the line Easter dresses got super cute.

Happy Easter!
Eat a lot of candy!
And don't forget to floss.

Peeps and pastel dresses,



Megan said...

If it meant getting to see you, I would wear a dress just like that again this year.

The funny thing is, smocked dresses like that are really popular down here in the South. Seriously, that's what the little girls wear!


Rachel said...

I love that I'm in that photo with you and megan lol too cute!