Sometimes when I live 300 miles away from Mr. B I get whiny and mopey.

Oh, those aren't attractive traits? Well, shut my mouth.

I'll try and do better.

Those disgusting traits usually come out to play around 10:30 when Mr. B and I are having our routine late night chats. The kind that last until 2 in the morning because you don't ever run out of things to say and could go on forever. 

I'm totally kidding, those phone calls ended years ago. Now we feel accomplished if they last 5 minutes. 

So, last night during our speed chat he gave me one of my favorite compliments.

"I bet you looked hot today."

".....Ugh,  I hate it when you call me hot. Can't you be more like Andy Norlien and say sweet cute things instead of hot?"

"Kallie, that's not me." 

"You could just try!"

"Okay. "Wow Kallie! Your clothes coordinate with each other perfectly!"

I give up.


Megan said...

Well at least he calls you hot! It's better than nothing. :)

Kallie said...

Ha, I guess you're right. But he also calls Britney Spears hot. :)