run baby run.

Remember when I said that I would do random running updates?

I can honestly say that it's going better than I thought it would be going. I've ran everyday since I posted last Wednesday and today I ran for 25 minutes.

25 minutes of freezing air entering my lungs.

25 minutes of tripping over my dog.

But it was glorious. I've only been keeping track of my time for now since I don't have any way to track how far I'm running. That is, unless I drive my car around the route that I ran, but that isn't really an option because on almost every run I've stepped in dog poop.

Since when do dogs poop on the street? I keep thinking it's just mud and then surprise! It's not.

Also, I'm looking for a new pair of kicks. The ones I have right now are falling apart. Any suggestions?

These babies.

Or these (.)

And last, but not least.. these! (.)

Is anyone still running? If not, go run right now. 

Wait! Don't run in the dark, someone will kidnap you and stuff you in their trunk. 


Megan said...

I desperately need new running/walking shoes. Like, desperately. You can give me your hand-me-downs when you get new ones, eh?

david-and-emily said...

great job!! running can be so difficult to get into...good for you! I like the second choice of shoes. Love those colors!

Kallie said...

Megan- Sounds good, anything for you ;)

Emily- Thanks! I'm going with the second ones!