old blue.

Mr. B has an old truck.

This old truck runs out of gas a lot because.. it's old and nothing works in it.

So, sometimes I get to help Mr. B take care of these unexpected surprises.

He likes it when I come along. He says that without me he doesn't know what would ever get done!

Who would take pictures?

Who would remind him how cold it was outside?

Who would tell him how good looking he is?

Scary, I tell ya.

I know that it looks a little rough on the outside, but for some reason this is my favorite vehicle that he owns.

It's rugged. Masculine. Tough. 

And it has a nice rear. 

Kind of how I like my men. 


Megan said...

I especially love the "who would tell him how cold it is outside" comment, because that is SO us girls... Tyler always says "yeah thank you captain obvious" when he's frustrated and I make a comment like that. Ha!

Kallie said...

Haha, I know right? He loves it when I say that. :)

jodi said...

Love this