cookies for all.

Dear Joni*,
Two points to you for getting a banner from your real life Romeo asking you to marry him on the one of the main streets in Columbia! Congratulations! 

Dear Romeo,
Five points for you for putting the banner right above the Hot Box Cookies shop. You're definitely a keeper. 

Hot Box Cookies and the button on my jeans don't get along. They are actually sworn enemies. 

Here's how this little cookie shop works. You walk up to the friendly lady at the register and say, "I would like 6 chocolate chip cookies, please." 

Don't forget to say please. 

Then she says, "Okay, 10 minutes and I'll bring them out to you all hot, gooey and so delicious they'll make you go cross-eyed."

And then your mouth will begin to water profusely and you might pee your pants a little. Don't worry, this is totally normal. 

If I ever say to you that I love you more than Hot Box cookies, I really stinkin' love you. 

Maybe I'll put that in my vows someday. 

*I don't know Joni. I just like romantic proposals. 

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Megan said...

Why haven't I ever had one of their cookies? You must take me at Christmas. Must.