For the most part, families have children. Those who don't have children get a pet, and then the pets are treated like their real kids.  Owners treat them extra special making sure they are never alone, and kennels are way out the question.

Well, I don't have either one of those.

I have a computer.

My computer is my very own baby. Surprisingly, they let me bring her home from Best Buy without naming her, and since I missed national name your computer day she's still nameless.

My mac. My kin.

I love her!

So it should be no surprise that a couple days ago when I dropped her on the sidewalk (she was even in a case!) I had an extreme case of the crazies.

Mr. B and I were carrying in all our junk to the house from the night before and I had a ton of things in my hands and while he was opening the screen door for me all the sudden I felt something slipping....


On the ground.

I heard Mr. B let out a little chuckle, but when I looked up at him he turned off his laughing face and replaced it with a "oh crap she heard me laugh" face.

With my heart pounding I went inside and immediately opened my case to find this.

The edge was bent inward so I could't even open it and I immediately freaked and started crying. It wasn't just a little tear shed either, it was more like a river. A dirty river because my mascara was all over my cheeks.

Mr. B tried to comfort me, but I just wanted to be alone. 

Here's what I learned. 
1-Never ever have your computer in something that isn't attached to your body. Helloooo shoulder bag.
2-Always have a boyfriend that is a handy man. 

And if you aren't this attached to your computer, you don't own a Mac. 

1 comment:

Becca said...

Oh noooo!!!!
I dropped my Iphone on my computer and dented it. Yeah. 2 apples in a fight. Not pretty.
But. I'm so so so sorry about your baby!!