runnin' time.

Since the weather is amazing- ahhhhhhmazing- the trail is hoppin'!

With a bunch of kooks.

I would consider myself to be a pretty observant person for the most part, and the trail is right up there by the Mall of America when it comes to people watching.

Which is one of my favorite sports, I'm really good at it. I won an award once.

As I'm running, I come across the following people:

-The matching shirts and hats couple.

-The angry bikers. Yes Mr. Water Bottle Belt, I heard your bell the first time.

-The wedgie queens. They think they are being so sneaky trying to pick them.

-The women that only wear their bra, but should be wearing a shirt. Sometimes I feel so bad for them that I offer them my own. But then they snap their fingers in my face, "Girrrrl you don't know my life! You don't even wanna know my life!" That's probably true.

And I saved the best for last.

-The men that wear these.

Are they shorts or underwear?
Do men realize that their thighs are extremely ugly? 
And that girls only like chicken legs when they come from KFC?

For a good laugh, go running! That's an order. 

1 comment:

Megan said...

LOL... oh my word you always have me laughing. Chicken legs comment = hilarious and true.