wedding fever.

My sister's best friend got married this past weekend! 

I happened to snag myself a handsome date.
Isn't he just spicy?

I proceeded to stuff myself with a piece  a couple  slices of cake.
Cake is my second boyfriend.  
Mmmmmm giiiirl, it was divine.

This is a picture of me not even trying to catch the bouquet. I'm in the back, my feet were like cement in the ground.
"But Kal, I thought you wanted to get married?"
Oh, I do. But I caught the stupid bouquet at my sisters wedding and 5 years later I'm still not married. Those things are cursed.

Ang, you were beautiful. Thanks so much for inviting Mr. B and I to your wedding! We are so happy for you!

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Nancy said...

You both make an adorable couple !!Your wedding day will happen when the time is just right ! !

p.s. Am looking forward to your future "haying" blog......