I don't wanna be a chicken.

A couple days ago I had a long talk with my best friend. We caught up on life, had a few laughs, and talked about eggs. Ever since this little chat, I can't stop thinking that eggs are really dead chickens. Like, I'm eating a little abortion chicken! It's so tragic. Actually, just a little bit ago when I was making myself an egg sandwich for lunch and had to break the egg open I was scared because now I think that any egg could have a dead little chicken in it. Ewww! Right!??! My eyes actually closed a little when I cracked it. I think these are the first signs of becoming a vegetarian. 

I have to go to the dentist in about an hour, so I just polished off the last Corona in the fridge because I hate the dentist so much it makes me want to cry. Why not get a little tipsy and not remember it so vividly? I'm so smart.

Here's to chickens and Coronas! 

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