MIA much?

I've been gone so long, all my readers must have no clue who's blog this even is. Well, let me re-introduce my cool little self. 
Hello, I'm Kallie. I love a good pair of running shoes, grilled food, and listening to songs that take you back in time. 

Okay, now on to some pretty sweet news:  Columbia is where I sleep all the time now. Yay!
And my little brother has opened a new lawn care business, they have hats. It's a pretty big deal. 

Now on to some pretty sad news:  Every morning when I look in the mirror I'm reminded that I have a severe case of crazy hair syndrome. It's bad, like someone had a party on my head without me knowing.  I wish I could tell sweet stories of how I wake up with hair that is already perfectly done, but I can't. But I could tell you some pretty cool drool ones..

I left my motivation to clean my room in Iowa, maybe I'll have Mr. B bring it down with him sometime. 

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