My day was great. Let me just share little tid bits of it with ya'll.

One- I woke up to Mr. B calling me. 
Two-the sun came out to play today. I haven't seen the sun in so long I though Jesus might have been coming back.
Three-I found a job online that I would really like.
Four-I got an interview for that job! {Insert happy dance}
Five-I met a very friendly stranger today. She has a beautiful home that is filled with vintage furniture. I was a tad jealous. 
Six- I had bible study tonight with some ladies that I think are great and tons of fun.
Seven-I made my bed. It's something so little, yet makes you feel so good. 

Lastly, no one asked me for their mail even though I did wear my pinstripe vest that makes me want to hop in a little mail truck. 
{see photo above}

Good days are just so good. Did you have a good day?

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