I swear if I have to write one more past employer in a teeny tiny little spot on a job application my fingers will fall right off. I mean, c'mon. I think I'm going to start paying attention to how long my future employers title of the company is so I don't get hand cramps every time I try to fit it in the small box. Maybe I'll work at Arbys.  
It was ladies night (Holllaaa!) at Cherry Hill tonight. Note to all my man friends: all women really need in life are a few tasty food samples (preferably cake), some good wine, and free massages. Then we'll live happily ever after.

Speaking of good food, I had some Kostaki's pizza with my awesome mom and brother. Best pizza in Columbia. If you come visit me I'll take you there, and then I'll roll you home. Yes, it's that good.

Well I better call Mr. B and remind him that he likes me. Sometimes I think the cows flirt with him a little too much and he forgets that I'm fun to be around. :)

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