Today was one of those "Wow, I feel accomplished" days. Don't you love those!?

Worked out? Check.

Showered? Check.

Ran errands? Check.

Met with my director? YAY! Check.

Somebody give this girl a high five.

I also went out for dinner with my Mom to HyVee. They have the best chinese. Except, I think they're getting mad at people for just ordering water because the little cups they give you aren't big enough to catch all the water that comes out of the fountain machine, so the rest of it just goes down your arm.

Forget you HyVee.

Just kidding, I love your free samples.

And lastly, I was reminded today that I'm a grown up. I opened a Discover credit card today.

DISCOVER. That's for old people!

But then I made up for feeling old by doodling in my handmade planner with colored sharpies.

Your 15 year old forever,

Kallie Sue.


Angie said...

Say no to credit cards!!!

Trisha Marie said...

you made that notebook with markers??
make me one!

AJ said...

Very nice. Very thoughtful. I liked the emotion in the writing.