celebrate good times.

I spent the evening out with my Dad. He might be the coolest thing ever. We went to a secret place that I'm not going to say because my Mom reads this, and then we went to Kaldis coffee shop downtown.

After we ordered our beverage of choice we sat down at a table amongst students, a chess team ( mmmmm, nerd glasses get me every time)  and my favorite, the make out couple.

They really should have been ashamed.

My poor Dad is trying to talk to me about some law that just got stamped with a big veto and I can't concentrate on his story because it seemed to me that the couple in front of me thought that they were ice cream cones and needed to be licked. Profusely.

I mean, really make out couple? There is no need to be kissing each others necks and playing tonsil hockey.

Oh, and I can totally see your hands underneath the table you nasty mc-nasties.

I almost stopped by their table on the way out to give them a key to a hotel room, but then I saw that they weren't married and decided there was no room for them at the inn.


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Megan said...

#1. You are so funny. You make my eyes water, just like Dr Bailey on Grey's on the season finale when the patient was getting soaked and she said "THE CEILING HAS A LEAK! WHERE IS THIS WATER COMING FROM!?" and then Mandy Moore says "Uh, Dr Bailey? You're crying." Yeah, that's how I feel when I read your posts because water just comes out of my eyes. But from laughing. Okay, anyway.

#2. Don't go to Kaldi's again without me.

#3. You are lucky to go on coffee dates with Dad.