boo on you.

I'm pretty simple.
Such as--it makes me smile when I use cups that change colors when you put water in them.

{Insert happy me}

I know I might not look way excited in this picture, but really, whoever thought of that deserves their back to be tickled.

Speaking of tickles..my sister and I used to tickle each others backs at night when we shared a room..except I always got the sucky part of the deal because she would always trick me into letting her tickle my back first. Sweet thought, right? No. Here I am thinking she's being so nice by offering to do mine first, but then when I start getting sleepy I have to tickle hers and she gets the pleasure of falling asleep to it. Boo on you sister, boo on you.

The Bachelor tonight!! Team Tenley here we come. Go sit on a pin Vienna.

Eeeee!! I seriously cannot express in words how excited I am to be going to Kansas City this weekend. I miss my sister oh-so-much. She just makes me giggle.

So does this picture.

Haha. This picture is totally how I'm feeling today. If you turn your head sideways, it kind of looks like I fell asleep trying to kiss a cup. And yes, I'm sportin' the MNU gear. It's kind of laundry day--except I'm not doing laundry.

Hellllooooo March!


Megan said...

Thanks a lot for adding me to your blog list. Feelin' the love sister...
boo you whore! ;) bahhhhhaaahaha

Kal said...

It won't let me for some reason!! Believe me, I tried!